What is Authentic Living ?

The Art of Grounded, Radical Honesty from the Heart,
Direct and open, loving communication, inside and outside, without judgements
No masks and pretence,
Emotional Authenticity- allow both Light and Shadow aspects of the person to be seen, get a voice and acceptance....
Dare to be seen in our totality, allowing ALL aspects of our selves,
the happy and the painful emotions and thinking,
Not pushing away, denying, suppressing and abandoning any wounded aspects of our selves...
Let go of coping mechanisms to avoid to deal with inner pain, like dissotiation , denial and escaping true mind-focus, busyness, phones, other people, technology, drugs, sex ,addictions, 'emotions are illusions' -teachings and excessive use of meditation techniques that takes you out of body and emotions...
No false masks of perfection or manipulation.
Be equally open to to the voices of our fractured wounded aspects, calling us from the subconciess mind of repressed traumas, as to the voices from the counciess mind.
Embracing our wounded child aspects, with love and understanding, as we also show other peoples, sometimes harmful wounded aspects the same compassion, while keeping healthy boundaries.
Having the Wisdom to know that True Healing can only happen true Love.... when the wounded aspects feels embraced  and accepted, they are able to heal and change and integrate.
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