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Ariel Maria 

I was born  an energetically sensitive Empath,  who was and is feeling and
seeing many different types of energy and dimensions of reality... 
specially working with human emotions , blocked ,repressed emotions,
trauma healing with  inner child  love  work.....
I choose to be born into a  challenging childhood, which would make me experience all kind of human emotions, pain and traumas,  to  learn about human emotions and traumas,  find my own way to heal..
Deep surrender, expansion, liberation and self realization came as Gifts of this path...
and now I share this wisdom and methods with others......
Born in Norway, lived and worked in Egypt for many years,
also lived and worked in Sweden, US (Sedona, Mt Shasta)
and France the last  20 years
with :
. Authentic  Awakening- a Grounded Awakening/Ascension/Enlightenment Path.
 Workshops and individual sessions -
 Healing and Integrating fractured wounded aspects of our selves, to  
 become ONE Complete , fully integrated Light Being ....true sound-healing , coaching,  regression-theraphy., Pleiadian Lightwork, Deeksha-energy transmission-healing,  emotional  releasing true Voicing...and soul singing.
.Voice-song -transmissions / Soul singing,
 Sound healing journeys and healing processes,
 also using crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, drums.

. Voice-liberation and Soul-singing workshops and private sessions
   emotional/trauma releasing true Voicing...and  Soul-singing

. Trauma healing, regression and integration Theraphy

. Pleiadian Light work- Pleiadian Healing methode channeled by
  Amorah Quan Yin , psychic scanning of body , chacras and
  energy fields, and removal of implants, enteties, mnipulation, cords, unhealthy soul contracts    and transformation of energetic blocks, beliefsystem. deprogramming, Accessing Akashic    Records, Using Chambers of Light, Soul Fragment Retrieval

. Oneness-Blessing/Deeksha Liberation / Individual Energy Healing
. Wataflow - water massage and re-birthing therapy in ocean
  or hot water pools.
. Transformational  Retreats in Egypt -  Sound healing in temples,
pyramids, deserts and
    mountains,  Transformational processes, meditations and rituals

. Healthy Technology Solutions - Radiation assessment of homes,
  Setting up healthy technology solutions in peoples houses and
  their personal space, without wireless microwave manipulation. Coaching and guidance on how
  to stay energetically open and healthy and have an active life , without wireless microwaves-
  which is frying our brains , makes us sick, closing our chacras and Connection , un-grounds us,  
  and makes us  more mental beings, instead of heart based feeling beings... 
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