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How to avoid damaging microwave radiation

from mobile phones, wifi-routers ++

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A practical workshop,  with tips and solutions on how to live a active,

connected life, without being affected by electric emf radiation and

microwaves from wireless devices.


.  What EMF and wireless microwave radiation is, and where it is used.

. Symptoms on mind and body of exposure to wireless microwave radiation

. Healthy radiation free solutions for mobile phones, internet routers,

     mobile internet routers, landlines, baby monitors, gps.

. How to use mobile phones in the most healthy way, to minimise     


. Negative effects of Bluelight from screens, Electric&Magnetic EMF radiation

   from electrical devices, and how to protect your self.

. Mobile phone/Internet/Social Media Addiction, what it is and how to avoid it.

. Protection tools against microwave radiation

. Natural Medicine and Herbs to Detox the body from microwave radiation

and nuclear radiation

Bring notebook and pen

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Time : December 9., 5pm to 8 pm

Casa Bela Vista, Rua da Redoica, 3200-338 Serpins

GPS : 40.169343,-8.218593


Workshop held in english with portugese translation

Bring notebook and pen

Free donation

Contacts  :

Telefon 239 971 474

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