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Healthy Technology Solutions

What does technology have to do with awakening, you might ask...

Because technology and microwaves from mobile phones and wifi,  is the main drug for escaping life..., Truth.... Authentic living, and repressing  emotional pain,  on the planet earth right now....,  

Addiction to technology and radiation, has become the accepted and supported lifestyle and 'normality' ,

which we all are pushed into.....

but few people can feel what microwaves and technology, are doing to our body, mind, energy fields and subtle bodys...

how this quick, stressful frequensis  in the microwave spectrum, are affecting our peaceful natural frequensis,

by the law of resonance....

How they take us away from our natural state, out of the body, away from

 a grounded heart based feeling and connected life....

into the thinking , analysing mind...

a more emotionally numb robot /AI state.....

away from FEELING both deep Peace, True Love and also takes us temporarely away from the Inner Pain....

which makes us even more addicted  to technology , radiation and other escape mechanisms, to keep the emotional pain and childhood wounds down.....

Technology and radiation/EMF addiction, help us repress our wounded aspects deeper...

till we believe we are fully liberated from our past....awakened...enlightened...,

blissfully living in our 'Positive Thinking-Light and Love bubble'.....

until Life send us some chock waves to trigger the repressed, unhealed and un-integrated aspects up to the surface again, to be fully felt, accepted and integrated....  


Each year millions more people report that radiation makes  them also get physical sick.. and that is in addition to the millions which get sick, because of microwave radiation exposure, but are not sensitive enough or grounded in they body enough,  to feel, what is the cause.......

So, is there anything we can do to avoid technology and radiation addiction and exposure?






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Live RURAL, min 20m from wifi-neighbours and minimum 200m from high voltage power lines. minimum 1 km from mobile phone towers. Ground and heal yourself in nature everyday


Use INTERNET by a WIRED ETHERNET CABLE to your computer/tablet/smartphone, and disable WIFI in router settings. At the very least, turn your wireless router off at night.

If you use a mobile 4G internet router, buy a router with Ethernet ports, so you can use ethernet cable, not wifi connection.Place the 4G mobile router as far away from you as possible, min. 20m, preferable outside your house, and switch WIFI OFF on the router settings. Put computers/tablets/phones on Flight mode.

If you also connect a Desktop Switch, you can connect up to 10 computers/smartphones/tablets by ethernet cable from your router.

Wired Internet is also faster than wifi, and safe.

Limit the use of all personal wireless and bluetooth devices; they are extremely detrimental to your health .

NO mobile phones, baby monitors or other wireless or bluetoth devices in bedrooms.

Replace all cordless landline phones with corded phones, Cordless landline phones transmit extreme microwaves...

MINIMISE MOBILE PHONE USE..use a corded landline phone when home.

If you cant get a landline phone to your house, use a VOIP(soft) phone, true your wired internet router.

Healthier Smartphone use: Switch OFF: WIFI, Blutooth and DATA(internet) in the settings of your smartphone, and you can still receive phonecalls and text/sms messages, with no radiation, except during calls,.

You can even surf internet on your smart phone and tablet ,completely radiation free, on Flight Mode or all wifi/Data/bluetooth settings OFF, and connect to internet by ethernet cable from your router, by use of a Micro Usb to Ethernet Adapter ( many types on Amazon).

Disable GPS, Location,microphone and camera on smartphones, if you want privacy and no surveilance/ tracking. Use an Airtube headset with extension cord for mobile phone calls.


Refuse Wireless electricity meters in your home(Smart Meter), or attach Smart Meter SHIELDS around smart meters.

DIRTY ELECTRICITY(High Mhz Power Spikes/Surges in all electric wires in the house):

Created by  electric current transformer units in devices and appliances, neigbours Dirty Electricity can also effect your house, true common wirering from  main electrical transformer unit for the area. 

Specially Solar Inverters create extreme amount of dirty electricity,  40 times more than in on-grid homes.

Serious damaging health affects, also damage electronics.

Run as many devices and lights as possible on healthy 12 volt instead, if  living off-grid.

Inverter or Circuit breakers OFF at night .

Replace fluorescent/energy saving/halogen light bulbs with good old incandescent bulbs (Amazon), Led bulbs if off grid.

Avoid lamps with small transformer units on cord, NO dimmer switches.

Smart Meters also creates heavy Dirty electricity.

Consider Installing Dirty Electricity FILTER in your home.:  (Satic,Greenwave,Stezerizer, CalmSpace Pro)

Dirty Electricity meter:: Stezerizer.

EMF(Electrical/Magnetic fields):.

Use a corded external mouse and keyboard, and maybe a bigger external screen to your computer, so you can sit minimum 1 m away from the computer.

Consider using a grounding mat for mouse and keyboard.

Use computer on battery as much as possible.

Use Bluelight filter glasses or F.LUX app for more soft red screen color, to avoid getting bio-rytm and sleep problems.

Remove all electric, cord-powered devices from the side of your bed, Use a battery operated clock/alarm, not a mobilephone.

NO metallic bed frames,they acts as a conductor and transmitter of electrical fields from the wiring in the home and affects the body.

NO metallic coil spring mattress, use futon/latex/foam/air mattress.

Move your bed away from the walls about 50cm, away from electric fields emanating from the wiring in the wall. OR Turn off fuses/circuit breakers for bedroom at night.

Consider grounding your bed.

Plant trees between your house and power lines/5G antennas, the trees absorb and ground the electric fields radiating from the power lines and 5G transmitters.


Consider investing in an EMF electric/magnetic Meter ( like Gigaherz solutions ME3830B )

and a Microwave (RF) METER for wireless radiation (like Acusticom 2)  and maybe a body voltage meter ,

to help you see, discern and measure invisible magnetic, electric and microwave frequency fields.


PROTECTION  TOOLS from MICROWAVE / EMF /Dirty Electricity:


HERBS /SUPPLEMENTS: Cilantro tincture, Rosemary tincture, Propolis, Melatonin (50mg/d)  These herbs make the body much stronger against radiation damages.

Devices (limited effect): CalmSpace Pro, Blushield(not healthy if daily use), SafeSpace, Shungite stone, Orgonite.

GOOD PROTECTION EFFECT : Good quality silver Microwave Shielding clothes, curtains, window film,paint or bed canopy .


DETOX your body from Radiation,heavy metals,natural and artifisial bacterias,fungus,viruses and bio-nano tech.,with Zeolite clay, Cilantro tincture and MMS / ClO2 .

Use good water filters,  water destiller are best

                             If you need help, contact me at

I often hear this argument from people: "WE CANNOT AVOID MICROWAVES - WIRELESS RADIATION is everywhere" , and my answer is : BULLSHIT !!! that hopeless attitude is another mind control program, you dont need to listen to. It's ALL ABOUT LIFESTYLE CHOICES....I have lived a good and active life without cell phones, wifi and cordless landline phones, for 20 years, in areas without wifi radiation from neighbors...I have run retreat centers without any wireless devices, and 3 communities with only wired internet easy....why dont you try ?... and get the huge gift of better physical, mental and emotional health, more inner peace, opening your higher senses fully, a fully open heart, 3.eye, and connection....and not get affected by nano technology implants from chemtrails anymore, which needs microwaves to get activated and stay active. Is all this Gifts not worth a lifestyle change?

Healthy Technology Solutions-

how I might help you..

 Radiation assessment of homes and personal space,
  Setting up healthy technology solutions in peoples houses and
  their personal space, without wireless microwave manipulation.
Coaching and guidance on how to stay energetically open and healthy and have an active  life using healthy technology  solutions , without or limiting wireless microwaves....
Healthy Technology Solutions Workshops

How to avoid damaging affect of EMF and microwave radiation

from mobile phones, wifi-routers , 5G transmitters ++


A practical workshop, with tips and solutions on how to live a active,

connected life, without being affected by electric emf radiation and

microwaves from wireless devices.

. What EMF and Wireless microwave radiation is, and where it is used.

5G effects on body and mind.

. Symptoms on mind and body of exposure to wireless microwave radiation and EMF

. Healthy radiation free solutions for mobile phones, internet routers,

mobile internet routers, landlines, baby monitors, gps.

. How to use mobile phones in the most healthy way, to minimise radiation.

. Negative effects of Bluelight from screens,

Electric&Magnetic EMF radiation from electrical devices, and how to protect your self.

. Mobile phone/Internet/Social Media Addiction, what it is and how to avoid it.

. Protection tools against EMF, Dirty Electricity and Microwave radiation

. Natural Medicine and Herbs to Detox the body from microwave radiation

and nuclear radiation


Healthy Technology Solutions- practical tips and methods

Much more.......Coming soooon.........

Tip 1 :

wireless 1.jpg

Simple Radiation free - no Wifi mobile internet solution....instead of using internet on your smartphone or tablet when your not home or at home if no landline, satelite or Ibred solution is available....  Rechargable travel router with wifi switched off + usb stick modem with simcard+ 20 meter ethernet cable to your computer. keep the router 20 m away from you, outside or in the opposite side of your house...Quite fast internet, if fairly good mobile signal...used to be my only internet solution for long well


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