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Voice-liberation and Soul-singing
Workshops and private healing and voice liberation sessions,
opening the voice, into full freedom and power...emotionally authentic....learning to develop a more full voice,
with more natural overtones
includes methods for emotional/trauma releasing true Voicing..allowing the Wounded Inner Aspects ,
to find her Voice...
to be heard, loved and healed...
chacra clearing true Voicing 
and  Soul-Singing -  opening to channel your Higher Self,
true singing and sounding...finding your inner Healing songs and personal expansion frequensis 
Sacred Heart meetings with others -  true Voicing/ Soul singing, eyes and energy...-
Singing in creating  Soul songs and chants....improvisation-Kirtan....
Includes Voice-song -transmissions
 as sound healing journeys and healing processes,
using voice, crystalbowls, gongs, chimes, drums.
Page in progress, more soon.....
Click to listen - Soul Singing with Ariel
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